ANF Therapy

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) in Vancouver, WA



ANF uses a combination of frequency emitting wearable devices, the ANF discs. Each disc is applied directly on the skin and activated by body heat. The discs transmit a unique range of frequencies through the neurons in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process. By improving the nervous system signalling directly at the cellular level, the effect of the treatment is much faster and has remarkable, durable results. The discs can stay on the skin for up to three days, thus prolonging the treatment far beyond your session in my office.





ANF Discs contain a unique material discovered by NASA two decades ago. The material is a carbonized metal with 28.4% pure metal. The discs attaches to the skin using a double sided 3M tape.

The therapy functions through nervous system signalization and control of frequencies. As you may know, the human body contains between 5-15 million different chemical and electrical signals in the nerve pathways. These are occasionally activated by the bodies’ infrared heat.

A breach in frequencies weakens the body’s immune system, thus refocusing the priorities of the nervous system and the body’s defense system and resources. Through nervous system signalization, ANF Therapy helps the brain correct the errors by returning the “correction signals” to both the brain and other body parts. The therapy consequently controls the frequencies and makes the body function properly.

The ANF discs optimize and enhance all muscle groups, all vital organs, as well as the production of hormones and antibodies, which overall increases strength, endurance and mental focus. No chemical substance or drug is transferred into the body. The treatment is FDA approved.  

You can expect a significant decrease in pain during your first treatment. If you are receptive to the therapy (as are about 95% of all clients), your body will respond right away. As your health problem is being addressed, you will experience less discomfort, less pain and greater well-being. You may experience some detox symptoms (see below).

What’s the cost of treatment? 

ANF discs are $4 per disc in addition to your session fee. Each disc will last 3 days, then it needs to be replaced. How many discs are used will vary from person to person: To boost the immune system we might use 5 discs during cold season. For local acute pain we might apply 5-10 discs for a few weeks. A more systemic treatment (as for autoimmune conditions, for example) will require more discs (10 – 20) per treatment for a longer period of time (see next paragraph and ‘Phases of Treatment’).

How long should I be treated? 

The duration of treatment is individually different – it can take from 1 to 4 months, depending on the nature of the problem. If there is a lot to be normalized, typically in phases, the normalization of the body can take up to 6 months. 

In the beginning, I will see you at my office each week so that I can monitor and adjust your treatment. As you get better, consultations will be spaced farther apart. During this period yyou will simply pick up your discs and apply them at home until your next evaluation. 

Staying well-hydrated is critical!

It is recommended to drink at least 1-2 glasses of water per hour until 1 hour before bedtime and to drink one extra glass of water if you have a cup of coffee/beer/wine. 

Detox symptoms during the treatment

When the body starts to eliminate waste products you may experience some of the following detox symptoms:

Light flu-like symptoms                       Headache   

Dry mouth                                             General discomfort

Dizziness/feeling light-headed           Runny nose

Fatigue                                                   Skin reactions

How long the above-mentioned symptoms last and how unpleasant the detox experience will feel to you varies. Not everyone gets detox symptoms! We noticed that the greater the need for the body to detox, the longer and stronger the symptoms. This process is important for the body to return to normalized function but you can always interrupt detox by taking the discs off. Drinking several additional glasses of water typically helps a lot. 

Important reminder

There are no known side effects of ANF therapy and there is no evidence that discs compromise the effectiveness of any prescription medication. However, do not stop using any medicines without consulting your own doctor! 


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