We offer the latest technology to Objectively show you WHY you hurt.

We offer some diagnostics that no other clinics offer in Clark County including state of the art High Frequency DR X-ray system, DICOM Images sent to MD Radiologist for Confirming Instability reads, Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, (CRMA, Accurately measure instability to .02 mm utilizing 5 Methods of Instability,) Dynamic SEMG, and Computerized Duel Inclinometers, featured in the AMA Guides to Range of Motion Assessment, 2012.. This allows a more accurate diagnosis of exact location and severity of the injuries. We monitor progress with these means and functional assessment questioners. We document your care with the latest accepted technology and diagnostic codes programmed into our EHR system. At the end of care, we offer impairment ratings, and Medical Expert Testimony.

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