Community Outreach


Dr. Shearer is part of “The Wellness Champions” (TWC), an international group of wellness experts, comprised of doctors dedicated to bringing wellness to the workplace. Dr. Shearer joined TWC in 2011 because he is passionate about educating his community on ways to be healthier, happier and more productive. His ultimate goal is to give people the tools to create a shift in mindset about their personal health, from passive to active.

As an educator for TWC, Dr. Shearer is committed to teaching wellness in the work place and beyond. The following options are available to groups, companies, and organizations:

10 Minute “Reduce Stress” Talk

This is a great way to get to know Dr. Shearer and stimulate interest in either a Lunch and Learn Talk or an 8 Week Wellness Challenge. The complimentary 10 Minute Talk is designed to stimulate, educate, and create healthier, happier workers.

Lunch and Learn Health Talk

This is the most frequently requested event. In the traditional ‘Lunch and Learn’ format any one topic is covered for a full 60 minutes. Dr. Shearer will teach (complimentary) one of many topics, based on a selection of your choosing. However, do not be fooled by the title as these events are not limited to just lunch. We can accommodate breakfast as well. Also as an added bonus, the meal is provided at no charge for qualifying audiences and groups.

“8 Weeks to Wellness” Corporate Challenge (online and interactive)

This program has proven results of creating weight loss, blood pressure changes and major health modifications through our 8-week online tutorial program. This is both “Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch”, as the program is run and presented in part, by Dr. Shearer. This program is set up for a fun, competitive atmosphere that delivers significant results that are quantifiable and will result in lower costs to insurance premiums. The results are visible physically and measurable physiologically. This program can accommodate large corporations of 1,000+ or small businesses.

There is a fee, per person, to participate, however the successful results make this the most popular service item we offer.

To schedule Dr. Shearer for one of the above events, please contact The Wellness Champions Vancouver, Washington representative.

Krishna Banerjee (360) 852-4590